The Belt and Roller Telescopic Conveyor is designed for automated high volume loading and unloading operations. It is made entirely of steel. No supports are needed for its extension. It is also possible to make a bendable conveyor with a top section.
It ensures safe, quick and easy operation. While its forward and backward movement makes it possible to reach the desired point. Its up and down movement creates an ergonomic working area for the operators. It is very comfortable and safe. All safety measures are taken in accordance with international standards

The standard belt width is 600, 800 and 1000 mm. You can approximate the width of the main chassis (+/- 10 mm) by adding 250 mm to the belt width plus 50 mm for each protrusion. For example: 6/3/800 = 800 + 250 + 150 = 1200 mm
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