The lift can be installed without changing the design of the existing conveyor system. This way the lift can be optimally connected to the conveyor system in your production or distribution environment with hardly any change in operation.


The PRORUNNER Mk1 is a vertically driven lift with high durability and minimal maintenance. Its steel construction is extremely stable under all conditions.
It is totally silent during operation by means of a flat belt for movement of the carriage. Furthermore, the flat belt of this type is almost maintenance free. There is no need for lubrication or tensioning compared to a chain system.
The efficient vertical lift can easily lift crates, pallets, trays, boxes or bags weighing up to 100 kg. It is ideal for solutions where a maximum throughput of up to 500 moves per hour is required. Compact design, combined with a relatively small footprint.
This vertical conveyor can be made to an individual height!
The loading and unloading height can be freely selected and is, in principle, not limited to a maximum height. It is also possible to use this conveyor to work on several levels, so that the lift can act as a vertical sorter.
The components that make up the system are extremely durable and require very little maintenance


Delivery heights:: 670 mm (minimum 360 mm) to 2600 mm (up to 11 m)

Column height:: 3000 mm

Drive:: SEW 0,55 kW

Capacity:: up to 360 l/h

Surface requirement:: 500 x 900 mm

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